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04. August 2016

My first speedart video on Youtube :) 4th August 2016. Here you are. It’s Mazda RX7 FC. So you can find my official channel » » » HERE « « « or at the bottom of website, where you can find reference to Facebook, Twitch, Pinterest and Instagram. 

Monopol ink? Just add color

3. Júl 2016

After the succed of the first car, it followed the second, etc. How will I present? MONOPOL was the first option because in my free time I deal with the RC cars /drift/. Me and my friend Bohuš had the team and we were the best. The best means that nobody else can beat you and your offer. And this is means that you are the only one and unique, in simply terms MONOPOL. As it said, always start by yourself. First look in the mirror and so on. So I did it and I saw my tattoos :) And what is the basis of tattoo? Ink? MONOPOL INK? All you need to do is add some color. 

Born the idea?

19. Jún 2016

Le Mans 2016. It started with competing drawing for Eurosport, where the prize was the cap with the signature of one of the participants of this year’s LeMans. The task has not been defined, everybody had to create something on their own to deserve the prize. Me as a fan of Porsche, I immediately started to draw one of the old models. It was the perfect plan for the victory but it failed. I didn’t win anything, it doesn’t matter. On the contrary, it hyped me up to create another drawings :) So I thank them for it. As I say: Keep move forward!